Retirement is an incredible time to explore new hobbies you might not have had time for before. But it’s easy to let doubts get in the way. Will you spend time and money on something just to find out you don’t like it?

Maybe it’s a meditation or weight loss app that you’re not sure will really work. Or maybe you’re invited to a class or workshop, but fear that you might not learn anything useful. The doubts make it easy to avoid trying new things. 

I know, because I have done that.  Often the cost for something like an app or a class is minimal, so lately I’ve been asking myself– what am I afraid of?  Losing $40.00?

What if we flipped that? What if I spent that $40.00 and made great progress? Instead of looking for “the catch”, I’ve started looking at new experiences through the lens of finding the value. If you approach things looking for the value (or the gold!) you will almost always find it.

It can be up to you to make it worth your time.  Maybe go in with the attitude to be pleasantly surprised. Or go in with the attitude to learn two new things.  Make it a game and one you can win!

Of course, I am not saying to throw caution to the wind. You do not want to be scammed, so apply smart practices.  Have others recommended this program?  Be sure you are on the right link and be careful of anything asking for credit card numbers or other sensitive information.

Now that the Country is opening again, I hope you take advantage of exploring and trying something new!

Have fun,