Areas of Focus

We build, track, and monitor your financial plan based on your unique situation and needs. A good financial plan should act as a flexible, personalized roadmap to reach your ideal future state.

We are planning experts, providing trusted guidance on everything from investments to insurance protection, estate planning, and more.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is an exciting life change.  A solid financial plan will continue to support you throughout the different stages of retirement, which we like to think of as:

  • The Go-Go Years: You just retired! You’re healthy and raring to go. You will spend the most in these years and your plan allows for you to do that.
  • The Slo-Go Years: You are still healthy, but your priorities change. Your spending tends to slow down, which we account for.
  • The No-Go Years: Your health is saying “sorry, but slow down.” You just want to be sure you can cover healthcare costs and stay financially independent and your plan will ensure that happens.



Imagine building a house without a blueprint. Investments are the same; they need to be selected with a strategy to support your unique needs.

Once we have designed your plan, we then select investment strategies to support your goals.

Cambridge Investment Research Inc., our independent broker-dealer, provides us independence in the investment partners we match to your investment needs.


Insurance is often the best solution to protect against the losses you cannot afford to self-insure against. We help evaluate what level of insurance is needed in your plan.

Although it never feels like the right time to think about estate-planning, transferring assets at death takes some planning. We help build the plan together and will ensure that all your assets are transferred based on your wishes, with minimum cost.

What happens when you retire?

You spend your life accumulating assets, getting paychecks, and seeing your investments grow. But then, the paychecks stop. You’re staring at a bucket of money that you’re supposed to turn into income to last the rest of your life. That can feel daunting.

We can help. We start by breaking it down.

We identify your current and future spending needs and wants.

We allocate emergency reserves for the unexpected.

We create strategies designed to minimize taxes.

We factor in inflation for long-term needs.

Each year, we analyze what is needed and adjust the plan.

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